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To further emphasize the worry-free Marbella lifestyle, the community has a plethora of amenities to enjoy daily. The Marbella at Pelican Bay is the one-stop place for everything – no need for additional transportation, stress, or wasted time. Enjoy these needed and desired facility features that few retirement living communities provide.

Our Wellness Program

GoBeFull Silver is designed to improve your quality of life

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GoBeFull Silver is Guest Services’ unique health and wellness program, designed specifically for seniors. Our registered dietitian, Judy Caplan, founded this program with her Culinary Team to stay at the forefront of the constantly changing health trends that have swept the nation over the past three decades. She was a former media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and was the Founding Director of Nutrition and Wellness Services at Canyon Ranch.

The letters in GoBeFull stand for the eight keys that lead to a healthy, vibrant life for anyone at any age. These keys are based on the latest preventive health information that shows the power of certain foods and behaviors to prevent disease and improve health. They provide the foundation for nutrition and fitness success:

Greens (and other vegetables)
olive Oil (and other healthy oils)
unrefined Grains (and other carbohydrates)
lean Proteins

Whether you are in good health or suffering from an age-related common chronic disease, like high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, dementia or GI issues, simple dietary and behavior changes can improve the quality of your life. Because every today turns into a tomorrow, “filling up” on healthy food, fitness, and a foundation for a good-living today can ensure a better tomorrow.

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Resident Testimonial
The best place in the world to live

My late husband and I traveled all over the globe, and I feel that the Marbella is absolutely the most enjoyable place in the world for me to live. It’s the most beautiful place with spacious condominiums, world-class views, delicious and imaginative food, and caring and helpful management.

– Marbella Resident

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