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We are fully committed to the highest levels care

The Cove offers Naples’ finest Assisted Living accommodations onsite at The Marbella at Pelican Bay. Under an Extended Congregate Care License, our expert staff provides comprehensive healthcare and services for our valued residents. Our team of professionals is fully committed to the highest levels of personal attention and care, as demonstrated by our industry-leading resident-to-nurse ratio.

Need a little time off from your caregiving responsibilities to relieve stress and prevent burnout? Caregiving is a demanding task, and it is easy to neglect your own health and well-being when you are involved with your loved one’s needs. The Cove at the Marbella can provide you with temporary, intermittent, or substitute care to allow for relief from the daily responsibilities of caring for your loved one.

All care is provided by friendly, professional 24-hour nursing staff, with gourmet meals and luxurious accommodations. There are 14 suites, dining areas, a physical therapy room, a Physician’s office, home health services, multiple social gatherings, and an elegant climate-controlled patio.

Marbella owners have flexibility on how they use The Cove facilities:

  • Own a condominium and participate fully in Marbella activities, but live in The Cove all or part of the day.
  • 14 Assisted Living suites in The Cove on a temporary basis from one night to extended periods of time.
  • One spouse can live in The Cove while the other spouse lives conveniently close by in the Tower.

Owners can also receive nursing services by going to The Cove for:

  • Minor health care (like bandages, blood pressure monitoring, etc.), with a physician’s order.
  • Physician care from the Medical Director, Dr. Obayedur R. Kahn, is available, however, you must be a patient of Dr. Khan

Other health amenities available to a Cove resident are dietary consultants, daily housekeeping services, and diagnostic x-ray service available through mobile services. Extensive medical care is also available in Marbella condominium units by third-party vendors.


In order to maintain a safe environment for residents, staff, and visitors during visitation, the Cove at the Marbella will be following the following procedure. It is the policy of this facility to follow guidelines set forth by the local, county, state, and federal officials.

Procedure: The following procedure is in place for visitation:

  1. Visiting hours for the Cove at the Marbella are between the hours of 9am to 9pm.
  2. Families will be given flexibility with visitation for the following reasons:
    1. Essential caregivers designed by the resident will be given extra visitation for at least 2 hours daily in addition to any other visitation authorized by the provider.
    2. Hospice/ end of life situations
    3. Any resident having difficulty or struggling with the change in environment and lack of in-person family support.
    4. Any resident making one or more major medical decision
    5. Any resident experiencing emotional distress or grieving the loss of a family member or friend who has recently died.
    6. Any resident that needs cueing or encouragement to eat or drink which was previously provided by a family member or caregiver.
    7. Any resident who used to talk and interact with others is seldom speaking.
  3. Each visitor will be encouraged to call before arriving for their visit. However, if a visitor does not call prior to their visit, they will not be turned away. They will be allowed to visit as long as they follow the facility visitation protocol.
  4. Each visitor will be asked to fill out the screening form, take their temperature, sign-in on the visitor roster and wear a mask for the entire length of their visit. Visitors will be encouraged to use the hand sanitizer before entering and when leaving the resident’s room. Hand sanitizers are located on the wall by the door in each resident’s room.
  5. Visitors will be educated on the proper use of their face mask, reminding them that the face mask must always cover their nose and mouth, to prevent the spread of any respiratory virus. Frequent handwashing or hand sanitizing helps to prevent the spread of germs. SOCial distancing prevents the spread of germs that can happen when someone is talking, sneezing, or coughing.
  6. If a visitor does not have a mask, the facility will provide one to them.
  7. Each resident is permitted to have two (2) visitors in their room at a time. Two (2) visitors allow for social distancing in the resident’s room. If a resident is expecting more than two (2) visitors the options for the visit will be the Cove Terrace, where social distancing is achievable, limit of 4 visitors, or outside on the Cove patio (front/back), again this allows for social distancing and 6 or more visitors. Visits should not last any longer than 2 hours. If a family member would like to stay longer and the facility can monitor the visit without difficulty the extended visit will be at the discretion of the nurse on duty.
  8. The visitation will be monitored by the Cove nurse on duty, who will continue to encourage social distancing, monitor for compliance the mask-wearing and encourage frequent hand washing or use of hand sanitizer. Residents and their families are permitted to hug and touch during visits.
  9. Visitors will not be permitted to wander in the facility, if a visitor needs to go to the bathroom, they may go to the Cove bathrooms and return directly to the room.
  10. If a visitor is ill or showing signs or symptoms of a cold or flu, the Cove at the Marbella reserves the right to request the visit to be rescheduled.
Meet the Team

Jackie Gonzalez

Jackie is the RN Administrator at the Cove. Watch the video to hear Jackie talk about The Cove and all of the great things it offers.

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